Memopics 2 iOS App Allows To Create, Share & Play Different Types...

Memopics 2 iOS App Allows To Create, Share & Play Different Types Of Concentration Games.


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MemoPics 2 allows you to EASILY create, share, and play different types of concentration games with family, friends – anyone! From your own pictures! With sound if you want. Even remotely if you want!

Version 2 comes with great new features:

# Preinstalled sample games plus additional free games, that may be downloaded directly
# Improved sound- and TWIN support
# Play with up to 4 players, on a single device, multiple nearby-devices or even online.
# Supports GameCenter
# Rich editing functionality – create games from your photos and your own music
# Share games with friends through email, Twitter and Facebook

Download MemoPics today, get inspired by the sample games we have provided and let your imagination guide you to create your own great compositions! You’ll get a lot of possibilities: whether you want to create educational games, memories of special events or just fun games out of your photo library – MemoPics 2 puts it all right in your iPad.

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