Meerkatz Challenge iPhone App : Review

Meerkatz Challenge iPhone App : Review

The African Serengeti has become too crowded and noisy for our clan of meerkats!
The Meerkats must find a new home, but their fate is in your hands. Protect the clan from enemies and from themselves as they journey across the jungles and plains of Africa.
Help the meerkats jump, hide and dodge deadly enemies, formidable obstacles and numerous lethal dangers as they search the world for peace, tranquility and safety.
With meticulously detailed hand-crafted levels, Meerkatz Challenge strikes the ideal balance between cuteness overload and puzzling perfection.

Meerkatz Challenge features:
# Adorable characters
# Beautiful, engaging art style set in Africa’s Serengeti
# Challenging puzzle elements
# Deploy meerkat skills like Stopper, Glider and Thrower to help the clan progress through the game
# Extra unlockable levels
# Fun with friends via leaderboards
# No in-app purchases. Everything you need to play the game is included!

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