Medusa’s Rage Free adventure Game for iPhone and iPad : Review

Medusa’s Rage Free adventure Game for iPhone and iPad : Review


From the depths of the terrifying ocean arose the evil Medusa. Her serpent-haired head frozen with rage!
As Perseus the ancient Greek hero, you must slay Medusa’s numerous heads that keep rising from the Deep ocean and are now towering high above towards the sky.
Chop off Medusa’s heads that continuously appear and never seem to end.
The sharks in the ocean are devouring Medusa’s slain heads but if Perseus is not fast enough then the hungry sharks will turn on him.
Race Against Time!
Keep the blows coming fast and furious!
Watch out for the Evil Skulls and the deadly Serpents that fall off from angry Medusa’s head …

Game Features:
# NEW! Enhanced game play with well adjusted ads frequency
# Awesome graphics on universal devices
# Addictive game, endless fun ; race against time
# Collect Coins to buy Lives and Characters
# Variable environments and six Perseus characters
# Weapons range from axe, sword to protective shield and sword
# Ocean ride range from a raft, a boat to ancient Greek style ship
# Game Center Leaderboard integrated to compete with everyone on Earth
# Share your best score on Facebook and Twitter

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