Mash App : Relax. Be Real And Start Interacting!

Mash App : Relax. Be Real And Start Interacting!

We have a campaign — a campaign against the feeling of self-locking! A campaign against self-check and self-pity issues. A campaign to help people be more real and relaxed being themselves!

Embrace Reality and Relax:

which many of today’s social media channels avoid! Here is MashApp — a video and social platform — fully supported by hilarious punchlines. 

Features that help curate stories with expressive videos!
  • An ever-growing chain of punchlines: Users simply record their video punchline and insert it anywhere in the thread of the groups they have been invited to participate in. Then witness a trail of laughter start as an amazing video thread comes to life for the group’s enjoyment.
  • Never leave a friend behind: Life with friends and people who believe in you is really fun! Get YOUR people on board and help them try MashApp. Make exciting and new videos together and keep supporting each other’s ideas and creativity!
  • Snooze when you want: Don’t want to be notified about anything? We have got you covered! Just turn off the notification reminder and you are set to use MashApp when you want to!
  • It supports no spam: We are in support of genuine accounts. Hence the built-in system of verification that keeps spam accounts from being on this platform
  • Coming soon: Like the app? It’s FREE to all. But, MashApp has some paid features on the horizon. In the future look for the ability to sponsor a group! Or maybe, you would like to buy some of the exclusive filters!

Why MashApp

Why should you try video punchline creation? If fun is all you want to have — then Mashapp is the platform for you.

  • Get featured in your friend’s videos and add your punchline piece.
  • Save theMashAppsyour groups have created! Click on the save button and find them in the favorite option.
  • Your amazing recorded punchlines will show up in the punchline screen of MashApp.
  • Create your own group with your own members with similar interests – like movies, music or joke telling. There is the option to mute group members if needed.
  • Easily comment or react to the videos!
  • Share the link and invite friends to your groups: it is that easy!

Last words: Don’t miss the chance to interact with others via a collaborative flow of fun and fulfilling video punchlines.MashApp is a gathering (in private threads) where people can be themselves while riffing and joking with their groups throughout the day. The idea is simple: The more people, the more interesting Mashapping becomes!


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