Makes my Cryptocurrency manageable with Cryptonaut – Crypto Tracker

Makes my Cryptocurrency manageable with Cryptonaut – Crypto Tracker


I am now unable to manage my all digital currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, NEO, NEM, Ripple & Ethereum. There are plenty of other things which are really helpful for those who love to engage in the digital currencies at the global level. You can track the value with this easy app at the fast process. Now you can set my price alert which brings a fruitful result for you.

As in today’s time more of the people are engaged in cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, ripple etc. So it’s really very important to manage all that in such a running life style. And that’s what Cryptonaut – Crypto Tracker makes easy. Really big thanks to this app and its developers.

Some of the interesting features are as follow

# Track the value at any time: You can lane through the values at any time and that too over 1 hour, week, month or even year. This is a great thing which I like.
# Multiple Currency support: One of the fantastic approaches of this app is it supports various types of currencies. So you need not to worry whether your currency is GBP, USD, EUR. Also, it is no matter of which language you belong to, Cryptonaut – Crypto Tracker supports multilanguage which is English, Spanish, Japanese, Russian etc.
# Good user interface: The app is having user-friendly interfaces and having a very clear informative interface. A user can get all the information on this app regarding his or her cryptocurrency.
# Notification: There is always a push notification comes when coin price gets a move. This helps a lot to a user in every aspect. It’s new in this game that a user can set percentage based alerts to receive the notification.

One portfolio for all your cryptocurrency: There is a single portfolio for all your related cryptocurrency which is easier to manage. You can track all your crypto coins at one place.
Eye-catching points:
# Easy to use
# Available for all currencies
# Multilanguage supportable
# Multicurrency’s supportable




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