Make the photo documentation with DictaCam

Make the photo documentation with DictaCam


It happened many times that we take a picture but forget to add its details to remember. For this reason, only DictaCam is here to help you. This is a dictation device app with the camera. It means you can speak out and add text in the picture. The concept is so easy that you just need to take the photo and then add the details. You can also share the images on the cloud via Google Drive or the Dropbox. Overall it is useful in making picture documentation.

DictaCam Features:           

  • Adding text with current time and date
  • Coordinate system and bubble level
  • Position, size and color of the font can also be changes
  • Saving the photos and images directly in the cloud
  • Bubble level
  • There is a separate saving of the edited image and original text

How to use DictaCam?

Talking about the using of this application. It is very much easy to use this app. Just take the picture and then dictate the text you want to add. All those texts will be added into the picture. This will make the caption and helps you in remembering the details of the images. In this way, you can make the image documentation. The text on the photo will be automatically displayed on the image with the help of speech to text translation.

Merits of using this app:

  • It saves time and money
  • Easy to make the picture caption
  • It minimizes the office work
  • Easy access to the audio files
  • It helps in keeping the track of text picture and photos

Last words:

DictaCam is a useful app for making image documentation. It actually combines the combination of professional camera and dictation device. This will save your money and time. As per my experience, it’s a really nice application.




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