Make your photo background special with AlphaBlur

Make your photo background special with AlphaBlur


The app is available at Apple store for iOS. With this app, you can apply different amazing special effects. This makes your images one of the eyes catching with the point of attraction. Let’s see some of the top features of this app.

Key Features:

  • Blur effects- zooming blur, motion blur & radial blur
  • Different highlights & star effects
  • Split the background automatically
  • Beautiful high quality effects
  • Different bokeh effects with the different shapes of elements
  • Various kind of turbulence distortion effects

Making the images into a special one is everyone’s choice and AlphaBlur is truly made for this purpose. Click your picture, upload it and have some effects. Clicking the pictures and make some special effects in them is my hobby. I love to try experiments on the images which I click. Moreover, I always need of such platform where I can perform this experience. Thanks to AlphaBlur which provide this kind of space to have some excitement in the picture.



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