Make Fruit Fall With Sprint Hero

Make Fruit Fall With Sprint Hero


Sprint Hero is full of fun and that’s what I love the most. I like to play the games on my mobile device. As I’m playing this game on my iPhone so I thought to share my own experience. It’s a little bit challenging game and has a cute little character to play. Know some features.


  • Colorful game
  • Easy to understand
  • Little bit challenging
  • Good sound
  • Different levels
  • Different colorful backgrounds
  • Characters are also very cool
  • Cool pictures

This game is all about your attention. I found this challenging, so it’s my advice use your attention at fullest level at the time of playing this game.

How to Play:

There will be a character, you need to move and jump the character such that it reaches the place where fruits are placed. The character will make the fruit fall and you need to move the character further. Mind it sure that, you need to the jump the character at right time otherwise it will fall down. To understand you can also click on the question mark to see the demo.





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