Madness Speed is very much exciting game which improves our concentration

Madness Speed is very much exciting game which improves our concentration


There are so many games available on the App Store and I also download a few of them. Every game is having a different approach to playing but I love those which have fast speed. Considering this recently I found the game as per my choice. The name of the game is Madness Speed. This game is actually what I was seeking.

Let’s move further about the game. The game is actually very simple with the short and sweet approach. Only there is need to tap and change the path of moving snake. Yes, that’s what is all in this game. In the round circle, there is moving snack and when you tap the centre of the circle, the snack will come to the inner side of the circle. Like this you need to protect it from colliding with the coming obstacles.


  • Sound and music
  • Tons of characters to unlock
  • Collecting of coins
  • Cool graphics with a simple approach

My experience: The game is perfect in all ways. It provides a good way of passing the spare time. As I like simple games so I love to appreciate this game a lot. Firstly I was not able to understand this game but later on, after playing, I came to know the concept. The main benefit of playing this game is that I improve my presence of mind and concentration. The idea which is put in this game is awesome. It’s my advice to players to keep yourself in a pace mode to play this game.

If I talk about the availability, it is available at App Store. It is compatible with iPhone, iPod & iPad. Mind it sure that you have iOS 8.0 or above.

Last words:

Madness Speed is the great app that provides a good way of passing the time. Well, it is having very fewer features but that is very much precious to provide fun. All those who are reading my experience they can feel this entertainment though downloading the game. Thanks for reading.





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