Mad Cows Maze iPad Game Full With Several Challenges & Adventure.

Mad Cows Maze iPad Game Full With Several Challenges & Adventure.


Are you brave enough to enter the Mad Cows’ Maze?

The legends of its unimaginable treasures are only overshadowed by the stories passed down from generation to generation about their ferocious guardians – the Mad Cows! Many have tried before and no one has managed to leave this place richer. Or alive.

Why not to be the first one to achieve that? Try out the different strategies to beat your enemies: move silently past them, hide behind the corners of the complex dungeons or collect the rubies, which can be traded for the powerful items that will help you on your adventure. Move faster, become invisible, fool your enemies with cunning illusions or purchase the set of traps and make the hunted become the hunter!

Develop your tactics, collect treasures and challenge your friends in Game Center to beat your best results. Good luck!

* Countless randomly generated dungeons – you won’t get bored down there!
* Different kinds of enemies with unique special abilities
* Powerful items
* Various ways to complete the levels – develop your own strategy!
* Challenging bonus levels
* Game Center – share your best scores and challenge your friends to beat them!

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