Lung Function Test Health & Fitness App For iPhone : Review

Lung Function Test Health & Fitness App For iPhone : Review


For Universal Best Lung Exercise and Test solutions.

Does Pollution, Smoking, dust, chemicals, Industries and others make you Lungs SAD ???
Do you hear your lungs screaming out to you for help? Why not make it smile with the Lung Function Test? We are proud to introduce an innovative, yet intelligent app to help you keep your lungs healthy.

This newest app works like a spirometer on iphone, makes use of Artificial Intelligence to measure the strength of your lungs health. The Lung Test instruments based app records the amount of air and the rate of air that is breathed out over a specified period of time. You need to blow air into the microphone and the reading is automatically be calculated in percentage for simple understanding. Thereby, you can know if your organ is functioning properly.

Main aim of this two-in one app is to not only check your lungs’ strength using Complete test, but also motivates you to practice blowing air exercise with Individual test.

You can take any of the three tests:

# Lung meter: You need to blow air only once, with all your strength. This will detect the maximum power of your lungs.
# Balloon: You need to blow the balloon until it bursts. You get a better reading if you can burst the balloon fast.
# Stability: All you need to do, is to try and keep the bubble at the top by blowing air constantly.The longer time you can hold the bubble at the top, the more healthier your lungs are.

The app has been segregated into two segments, one is the “complete category” and the other is the “individual category”. You can check your lungs’ health with the former and practice blowing air exercise with the latter.

For optimum and error-free results, you should blow dry air only. Moist air will damage your iPhone’s microphone. This newest app for iPhone users is not a professional device to measure accurate lung health, but is indeed a way to keep it healthy. The readings may vary depending on the direction and distance from where air is blown. The tests must be carried out in a silent ambiance, to avoid sounds of the surroundings to interfere with the meter reading.
Let your friends know that your lungs are healthy, through the social network integration this app offers to make it more interesting and promote good Lungs health. You can purchase and download App from iTunes if you find it rational and interesting.

Note: This App is not a real device to measure Lungs health and must be used for entertainment purpose only.We are not liable for any misuse.

Key Features:

# Simple architecture and user-friendly.
# Three different, simple types of tests increase the accuracy of the meter reading.
# Additional tips and guides to keep your lungs healthy.
# Share your meter reading with your friends and relatives through Facebook and Twitter.
# All lung tests are based on real instruments used to check and do exercise for the lungs.
# This app is user friendly with readings measured in percentage.

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