Locomotive iPhone App By Big Rabbit !!! Review

Locomotive iPhone App By Big Rabbit !!! Review


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* Children story
The storytelling has never been so engaging! We used to just read poems. Now you can be creative and have fun with it. Your child will love it!
* Interactive fun
Find all interactions that are hidden in the pictures – there are plenty of sounds and animations to play with.
* Learning
Encourage your child to solve several interactive tasks, which will not only entertain but also educate your child.
* Reading together
“The Locomotive” can also be read as a traditional, paper book – show your child how fun it is to read.
* Safety
We have taken precautions to make it impossible for you child to get directly connected to Internet from this app.
“A locomotive stands at a station
Looming, and gleaming with hot perspiration”
An ageless children poem in a form that has never been seen before.
“The Locomotive” by Julian Tuwim will take you on an interactive journey by train through beautiful landscapes to the sounds of cheerful musical background. The story is engaging and there are simple tasks to entertain your child on the railway station and on the way.
Your child has several wagons to play with – you can play the piano, arrange scattered bags, feed animals, make a „BOOM” with a big cannon, and so ons.
In our application you will find illustrations of extraordinary quality and lots of funny animations. Kids learn to read while playing within this ageless poem written by Julian Tuwim, a well-known Polish poet.

Apart from the interactive story, this application offers also a more traditional way of reading – a book with turnable pages, which can be read by you or you can listen to the warm and friendly voice of L. Harvey Gold.
The application includes also a catchy song, composed especially for this application. Just tap on guitar case on menu screen to hear it.
“The Locomotive” is a kid-friendly application. Special safety precautions have been taken to make it impossible for your child to accidentally connect to the Internet. In order to use social media functions or to buy this app as a gift for your friends, you need to hold your finger on the post box for five seconds.


• engages child’s imagination
• encourages to learn reading and text comprehension
• has beautiful illustrations
• includes funny sounds and animations
• offers two modes of reading: an interactive one and a traditional one (where you can turn pages and chose between autoplay or read myself options)
• includes simple activities which help your child develop observation, concentration and manual skills
• has a custom made musical background and a song about a locomotive journey
• prevents from accidentally getting connected to social media or shopping options
• presents the poem of a well known poet Julian Tuwim, translated by highly appreciated Marcel Weyland and read wonderfully by L. Harvey Gold


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