Little Bear Cooking Dash iPhone App : Review

Little Bear Cooking Dash iPhone App : Review


Little Bear has opened her new cafe and she has many people to seat and take orders from.
She is all alone so she has to do EVERYTHING .
She needs to sit the customers in the diner and take their food orders
She then needs to take the food orders to the chef
And when they are ready she needs to serve them to the correct customers.
The waiting line gets longer and longer and she needs to race around the diner until the customer line has gone.

# Seat each waiting group onto the vacant seats by dragging them over .
# Tap each group to take their order .
# Then Tap the menu board at the restaurant to deliver the order.
# When the Porridge appears on the diner top TAP each one to collect .
# Then deliver to the correct table ( Before the get annoyed and leave )
# Once they have eaten tap each table to collect the bill .
# Then place more waiting little bears in the vacant tables

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