Lipa Train Education iphone App Review

Lipa Train Education iphone App Review


Get the next wonderful learning game for your preschooler, this time focused on science and prediction. And, like our other great apps, it’s now FREE!

From the creators of the dynamic Lipa Learning ecosystem of preschool mobile education comes the interactive locomotive learning experience, Lipa Train!

Choo choo! Hear that? That’s the Lipa Train coming around the bend and they need you to take over the wheel and steer the way to fruit-tastic learning fun! In this riveting train adventure, kids will learn fundamental science skills such as prediction and investigation as they spark an interest in science that will last a lifetime!

Also, be sure to connect Lipa Train to the Lipa Gateway parental app (FREE for a limited time only) and you’ll be able to experience the full benefits of the Lipa Learning curriculum as you create child profiles, track learning progress, and most importantly–earn Lipa Points! (Not familiar with Lipa Points? It’s time to get Lipa Gateway!)

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