Linemaze: Find Correct Path With Super Addictive Puzzle Game

Linemaze: Find Correct Path With Super Addictive Puzzle Game


Linemaze is one of the most creative puzzle game for your brain.
This brain-stimulating puzzle game is free to play, very simple, and enjoyable for all ages.
With this mobile application, you can refresh your skills anytime you want.
Try Linemaze, enjoy challenging gameplay, brightening your mind, be smart and relax with a beautiful background melody.

Enjoying in brain exercise with the a free app, Linemaze, where you will be able to play an addictive puzzles, an awesome brain stimulation. If you love playing Sudoku or 2048, you will love Linemaze for sure!!

How to play Linemaze: the super addictive puzzle game

After you start playing Linemaze you will get a set of tiles on your screen where you need to find a pathway by creating tile path following few simple rules:

# You need to find the correct path from gate to gate within the tiles.
# You are not allowed to visit a tile twice.
# You have to visit all tiles.
# The entrance and exit cannot be at the same gate.
# There is only one correct path to solve the puzzle.

Key features:-
# Easy to understand with flat user interface.
# You can play more than 1000 levels to challenge yourself and your own brain.
# You can share the game on social network sites, such as Facebook.
# You can challenge your friends with your score, asking them to start competing with you.
# You can pause a game, resuming your gameplay where you have left it before.
# You can play this addictive puzzle game in four level-settings: Easy, Medium, Hard and Expert. Each level has multiple stage with an increasing challenge.
# You can rate/review the app: sharing your experience with others.
# Tap on “about us” and you will be able to access Linemaze Facebook page: joining the Linemaze community.



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