Kickin Kong Free iPhone Game App : Review

Kickin Kong Free iPhone Game App : Review


Treat yourself to some annoyingly addictive 3D monkey madness as you help “Kickin Kong” keep the Bananas in the air. Sounds easy, but fruity keepie-uppies can be tricky and when the bombs start Dropping the pressure can just get too much for some people…

This is our first release, so please be gentle with us. If you do find a bug, let us know, as your Continued fun is mega important to us.

It is kid-safe and there are absolutely no in-app purchases.

WARNING: During trials, many of our testers became addicted to Kickin Kong. It’s too early to Understand the full psychological impact of “Kong Rage”, so if you are prone to such things please Avoid it.

First signs of “Kong Rage” are random outbursts of monkey noises and leg twitches at the sight of Bananas.
Enjoy !!!

Kickin Kong

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