BizMeet or BM for short is a free iOS GPS location app that utilizes your iPhone to share, track and display the GPS location of the contacts you are connected with. It is a fun & easy to use GPS location tracker between mobile phones, allowing you to connect with clients, friends & family.

BM is your connection companion around town or when you are away on a trip. It helps you discover contacts that are close by, so that you can quickly set up a spontaneous meeting. We are all busy and BM provides you with the ability to recognize an opportunity to catch up with your contacts on short notice.

Not able to connect with a potential client at the trade show? Haven’t seen your favorite cousin or university friend for a while? Just want to make sure your child is on their way home from school? BM shows you their location; providing peace of mind when checking up on your loved ones or enabling you to reach out and to set up an impromptu meeting at a nearby Cafe, Restaurant or Bar.

BizMeet Features:
Share & Track Location: The BizMeet Map shows you where your contacts are located relative to where you are. Never miss an important connection opportunity.

Contacts: BizMeet automatically syncs with your mobile’s contact list, so you know which of your contacts are on BizMeet and which are not.

Follow: You choose which of your contacts on BizMeet you want to follow and what their proximity to your location should be.

Connect: Your client is on BizMeet but he does not have your number? Simply tap “Get Connected” and he will be alerted to add your BizMeet contact number.

Invite: You see friends, family or colleagues that are not on BizMeet? Simply invite them directly from the BizMeet Invite menu under contacts.

Communicate: Found a client or friend nearby that you want to meet up with? Tap their icon on the map and send them a message or a meeting invite. As a convenience feature, BizMeet provides in app messaging for all its users.

Meet: Want to schedule a quick ad hoc meeting? BizMeet provides in app scheduling, to easily set a time and a place for that impromptu meeting that allows you to catch up or conclude an important business deal.

Privacy & Visibility: BizMeet puts you in control in regard to who can see you. You can turn off your visibility to others universally, or only for individual users, depending on your personal preferences.

Security: BizMeet users cannot follow, chat or set up meetings with each other over BizMeet, unless they are mutually connected through their phones mobile contact lists. A user’s phone number is their ID and if they don’t match you can only send a connection request.

BizMeet has many valuable uses and for every user the scenario where value is added differs. Be it keeping tabs on where your family members are, finding your friends on a night out on the town or being able to connect with and sit down to discuss the latest product features with a client.

BizMeet brings you value however you want to use it. Download BizMeet today!



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