Kapu Forest HD iPhone App : Review

Kapu Forest HD iPhone App : Review

Come and Discover All The Fantastic Animals of Kapu Forest! Feed The Early Birds, Catch Bugs With The Hopping Frog And Make The Fireflies Light up the dark. Those and 10 more fun mini-toys to explore!

Kapu Forest is a colorful and fun digital toy for kids aged 1-4+. Let them discover the forest and meet all the animals through one of more than 10 mini-toys available.

# 10+ mini-toys and animals to play with
# No time limits, no rules, always fun
# Playful sounds and colorful animations
# Lovable characters & original artwork
# Kid-friendly interface
# Intuitive and educational experience
# Parental controls
# No in-app sales or third party advertising

In Kapu Forest there are no timers, no limits and no high scores. Your kids have complete control and can explore whichever toy they want to. They’ll never be stuck on a level and always have fun!

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