Kapu Blocks New education iphone app Review

Kapu Blocks New education iphone app Review


Have you ever launched a hamburger to space? Or lived in a totem pole-barn-castle? If not, now’s your time to do it!
Kapu Blocks is a super fun digital toy, which feeds your child’s creativity offering hours of fun. It teaches your child the basics of physics and the rules of gravity, but at the same time providing a world full of surprises and possibilities to build the wildest creations.
From now on, even the smallest one has the power to build something big!
=> Choose the building block you want to add to the tower and hoist it on the right place using the hook of the crane.
=> Change the blocks by swiping left to right on top of the ship’s platform or by clicking the ship’s captain, Mr. Croaky.
=> Add five different blocks to build the tower of your dreams and get to see the always changing, surprising animation.
=> After the animation, just wreck the tower down in a blast of excitement!
=> Wipe the dust off your jacket and start again!

There are no high-scores, time limits or difficulty levels – just endless fun for the tiny ones.

=>High-quality Retina graphics with classic 1950’s inspired illustrations.
=> Playful sounds and colorful animations
=> Innovative gameplay and intuitive controls for kids
=> No third-party advertising

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