kamino best travel apps for iphone users

kamino best travel apps for iphone users


Don’t just live in your city — explore it! Created by explorers just like you, Kamino is the ultimate way for locals and tourists to embark on an urban adventure. Create walkable playlists (hikes) to highlight the places you love in your town. Looking to try something new? Let Kamino take you on a walking tour of a neighborhood you’ve never been to, and discover your new favorite coffee shop, bar, park or hangout.

With Kamino you can unlock an authentic city experience, fully equipped with user-generated information like detailed area descriptions, photos, GPS and maps, and recommendations from travel experts and locals. Plan your own trip around the city or follow someone else’s hike for a fun afternoon out.

Download Kamino now to enjoy:
=>Hikes on the fly: Find awesome new spots wherever you are.
=>Expert recommendations: Get insights from travel experts and local gurus on the best hikes in town.
=>Local treasures and hidden gems: Discover what you may have missed in your own backyard.
=>GPS-guided hikes: Never get lost! Our built-in GPS system will always get you to your destination.
=>Hikes tailored to your interests: Find out if a hike is dog-friendly, good for kids, or great for a night out with friends.
=>Recommendations: Add your own as you go or when you get to your final destination.
=>Create your own hikes: Share your favorite places with friends, family, and your community!

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