Japanese with Trickster Tanuki Education App For iPhone and...

Japanese with Trickster Tanuki Education App For iPhone and iPad: Review


Learning Japanese? Try this sleek app that gives you the word-of-the-day. Beautiful graphics and fresh Content makes Tanuki a pal you’ll turn to on the go. Open the app and Tanuki will display your word and Today’s weather. Listen, look and learn the kana or kanji. He’ll give you links to more content and video, Too. You’ll also want to add on to the app with more words and phrases.

The secret to learning vocabulary is review and revision, but Tanuki makes it simple. No complicated Modes, levels, tests… Memory research tricks help the vocabulary to stick. Just when you’re about to Forget the word, it comes back in boldface! Learn Japanese bit by bit and surprise yourself next time you Watch that movie or take that trip to Tokyo! Please be in touch and suggest more words and word packs You’d like us to add. If you are an educator interested in having an app customized for your curriculum

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