Jam Messenger App For iPhone and iPad :Review

Jam Messenger App For iPhone and iPad :Review


Jam Messenger is a minimal messenger for iOS 8. The catch? You can only reply with thumbs up or thumbs down! Send messages to your friends with just a few taps. Instantly reply with a thumbs up or thumbs down emoji from your lock screen or without leaving another app. Discover an addictive new way to connect with friends!

# Minimal, Fast Group Messaging
Step 1: Type a message. Step 2: Tap a name to send. That’s it! Repeat step 2 to send to as many people as you like.

# Immediate Feedback
With a swipe of a notification, you can respond to a question or like/dislike a joke. You can even simply inform the sender that you’ve read the message with a quick reply. Answering your friends’ messages is easy, fun, and satisfying!

# Immediate & Impermanent
Messages only exist as push notifications—there are no threads or chat history. Each message disappears after you reply or dismiss it.

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