ISITUATION Connect With New And Interesting People All Over The World.

ISITUATION Connect With New And Interesting People All Over The World.


isituation is meant for social networking app which connects with new and interesting people all over the world.isituation helps you to share your situation with your followers and friends,like you can share funny situation,Sad situation,Situation need consult,Situation need to put brand marketing and many more. It is available
to user at free of cost.One can download it from iTunes store. It is developed by Khalid Alzahrani. Its latest Version is 1.1 and of size 6.5 mb. isituation requires ios 7.0 and later. This app is good package for entertainment and Social networking.Basically we can say it is a combination of all social networking sites like Facebook,Twitter and Instagram beside that users should classify every single post in the proper category.Where the people can read particular topic in particular field.This app is available in 9 different languages: English, French, German, Russian, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Arabic and Chinese.


isituation is a very user friendly app like Facebook,Instagram and twitter.It is one of the best social networking app in app store.You can simply download this app from app store and install it on your iPhone for free of cost.Fill your basic information and create your account on isituation and you can start posting or share your situation by simply upload a image(optional) of that situation.but you should select or post in a correct category which suits or matched with your can also add friends to your profile and also comment post on your friends posting.User can also send message or chat with their friends by using isituation.


It can run on ios 7.0 and later platform.


Follow people and see what they are up to

Share updates and photos.

Get notified when someone start follow you.

Do private conversation and have fun.


isituation latest version is 1.1 .Its updated version is bugs free.


isitutation has very user friendly interface.The interface has been designed in such a way that one can understand all details on first look.Interface is decent just designed for a social network app.


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