Interesting for iPhone App : Review

Interesting for iPhone App : Review


Be bored no more! Interesting for iPhone pulls in 1000s of articles from a hand-curated list of the best content sources on the Internet. Browse links on your favorite topics like design, technology, news, politics, sports, entertainment and more.

NEW in 2.0! Browse Reddit (frontpage or choose a subreddit) with a new, native comment viewing interface, and scroll through the most popular Dribbble Shots!

# Four main content categories with hundreds of fresh articles listed in each, updated every 5 minutes!
# Tap an article to read it inside the integrated web browser!
# Tweet the link out to your followers!
# Browse Reddit frontpage or any subreddit!
# Scroll through Dribbble Popular shots!
# Save to your Pocket for reading later!
# Instant cure for boredom! How can you be bored when there’s stuff on the Internet to read?

# Now you can browse Reddit as well so you may forget to get off the toilet.
# More celebrity news than you can shake a stick at. Seriously, who reads all this stuff? You do? If so, you should buy this app, because, wow, there’s a ton of celebrity news in here.
# A ridiculous amount of tech stories from all the best websites.
# Political news curated from only the most fair and balanced left-leaning news organizations and blogs.
# You won’t believe how many flat icon sets people submit to Dribbble nowadays, but you can browse them all now. It’s really wonderful.

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