Incandescence Game App For iPhone and iPad : Review

Incandescence Game App For iPhone and iPad : Review


Tap in rhythm to generate wild visual effects!

Play Incandescence by finger drumming on the phone screen. Tap tap tap on a mystical crystal object, and as your score increases it will generate a visual feast of multi-coloured light emissions, accompanied by rapidly intensifying music.

Most people finger drum without even thinking about it, but Incandescence challenges you to keep in rhythm. There’s a knack to it, and the game tests your stamina. Practice, and see your score shoot up to new heights!

It’s a simple game. One mechanic. Infinitely addictive!

• It’s finger drumming twisted into a compulsive casual game.
• It’s a test of rhythm and stamina…
• Tap with 2, 3 or 4 fingers… Whichever suits you best!
• A bizarre visual feast of wild light effects!
• Energetic synthwave music procedurally building up as you tap.

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