How to Build a Killer App for Your Business, Product, Band, Studio, Shop & with new idea. Here’s a list of Top Pitfalls to avoid during your app’s pre- and post-launch phases that will help improve your chances of success.

1: – App’s performance with Competitor and Market Research: – App research most amazing part to start any new app development 1st see what’s your competitors doing ? How they finalize app name? And more like: –

Are they memorable?

Which categories are they targeting?
Which keywords are they ranking high for?

An analysis could prove to be very useful in getting your app in front of the right audience. To get started,Market Research work and create an excel sheet similar and list the key features in order to find out where your app stands against the competition list  also ….

2: -Always Focus On App Store Rank To Fly Your App Into Smartphone Sky: –
ASO is the process of optimizing mobile apps to rank higher in an app store’s search results. The higher your app ranks in an app store’s search results

3: – RPU (Revenue Per User) :-Revenue Per User is something that developers should be thinking about at all Times.. You can get a clear idea about your total revenues about your app RPU

4: -Lifetime Value (LTV):- LifeTime Value can be calculated in different ways depending on revenue sources for each App..Some Developers are using dashboards that allow automated tracking of this key parameter

5: -Marketing Involved (MI):- Finishing up Development and Releasing Your App Might Seem Like The Most Crucial Tasks
Here is a basic MI  of activities that your marketing plan should include:

•    Optimize for the App Store
•    App Name
•    Keywords
•    Description
•    Preview trailer
•    Plan your beta test
•    Create a press kit

6:- App Release Date in Advance:-
if you get your app out in the market as soon time  as the last line of code is written is understandable, planning a release date in advance will help you ensure it gets press coverage…
Example:-   #3 paid app in the App Store within days.

7:-Paying Attention to Customer Support :-
If  you  have Done Your  App,But in a competitive market, every user must be treated with care

8:- App Review & Email : –
All Most marketers plan and developers an email outreach as soon as an app is out in the market,Reviewers will not give an email a second look if it, Improve your App marketing with your app page …

Include the following:
•    App’s Name, Price, and its USP
•    App Store Link
•    link to your app’s press kit

9:-Share or Like:-
Remember Facebook in 2010? When all that your feed contained were Farmville success stories?
With social sharing

10:-App Downloads:-
This is the most important part your app, It is next to impossible for an App to return its expenses of Development and marketing

“Have you encountered any additional pitfalls? Let me know in the comments section.Hope its helpful ..Most Important Key..  ”


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