Immortality Game App For iPhone and iPad : Review

Immortality Game App For iPhone and iPad : Review


Immortality is a game in which you are a soldier who has to fulfill 23 missions. You must free prisoners and eliminate the enemy. You can use a rifle, a grenade and a smokescreen to move imperceptibly. In the next missions you can get medals and money allowing you to complete your equipment.

Meeting before the secret mission:
General: You were appointed to fulfill a secret mission in a city surrounded by the enemy – the aim of the mission: to release prisioners working in the enemy’s factory
Soldier: Yes,sir !
General: Prisioners know the composition of a mixture which causes temporary immortality. After releasing them go straight to the airport.

Good luck, soldier!

# Free the prisoners
# Eliminate the enemies
# 23 different maps to explore
# 69 medals for you to achieve.
# Game center integration

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