Ijura : A perfect way to get protection against security threats?

Ijura : A perfect way to get protection against security threats?

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Are you looking for a cloud-based threat defense platform? Ijura is the right choice for your needs.

The primary function of this app is to monitor the user data in real-time. Most significantly, it can bring protection to Android devices, iPhones, and iPads against various cyberthreats.

It includes malware, phishing scams, spyware, drive-by downloads, and network, browser and operating system exploits, vulnerable applications, and Wi-Fi sniffing.

Where to get access to Ijura?

It is a uniquely developed mobile application available at leading play stores in both the United Kingdom and the United States. The users can download it for free and use this app on their tablets and smartphones.

Why should you use Ijura?

As the number of identity thefts and data breaches is increasing more, business professionals look for the best way to overcome various security threats affecting their corporate system.

Securing your tablets and smartphones against several phishing attacks caused by infected websites, emails, and text messages/SMS with Ijura is indeed a smart decision. It is because this mobile threat protection has everything to meet your security needs.

What do you expect from ijura?

Ijura is dedicated to serving the business / corporate mobile (BYOD) Bring-Your-Own-Device) user and casual users. It gives additional safety to their users for preventing personal data or financial information from being stolen or hacked.

Apart from that, it helps users to give a secure and safe smartphone experience to their kids with built-in parental control capabilities.

What makes ijura ideal for security needs?

Nowadays, individuals use mobile phones for both their business and personal purposes. It puts business and employees at the pities of a highly tricky cybercriminal population. This kind of threat to your corporate systems and data from BYOD is enormous.

Workers always use the personal devices for logging into their employer accounts, for shopping, for surfing the online sites, for email, for downloading apps/games, or for using social media.   Certain kinds of personal apps create a severe exposure place for businesses because hacking individuals use legitimate apps for building trust.

In this process, hackers encourage people to give their sensitive data and even download malicious files, which can result in business data breaches.

If you want to avoid these unwanted security hassles, you can make use of the ijura app because it can protect your data and devices.

Enjoy reliable security guard

The most specific thing about ijura software is that it integrates with mobile telecommunications operators working in the cloud platform. It helps to reject and recognize suspicious sites, apps, and links while reducing the possibilities of threats to business and personal data as well as employee privacy.

With the best range of security features, this software protects you from various malicious content or apps in real-time. It is pleasing news for users that ijura does not create any impact on the battery life, latency, and performance of your device.

Everyone can feel confident that both the personal and business data is well-protected while using ijura app.

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