Hum A Hit is the world’s first voice-controlled music sequencer available on...

Hum A Hit is the world’s first voice-controlled music sequencer available on iOS Store.


The mobile boom brought forth a world of opportunities to creative individuals – especially musicians. Gone are the days when these artists were bound to full studio equipment (which costs fortunes) in order to get anything done. Professional music makers still need those, but our smart phones and tablets are more than capable of taking a quantifiable load of work.

Suppose a situation, you are going somewhere and suddenly a tune popup in your mind so now you probably want to record it as quickly as possible before it is forgotten forever. The developers at new wave created Hum A Hit upon the concept of a Dictaphone for musicians, giving music makers the tools they need to capture ideas in an instant.

What really makes us grind our teeth is the fact that Apple has had a foothold on the music industry for a long time (in terms of mobile music making, at least). This is changing, as there is a plethora of Android developers making great apps for musicians, but we need to dig deeper into the platform in order to understand what’s going on.

Many musicians currently use portable voice recorders or Dictaphone apps on their smartphones to capture their ideas on the move.

Hum A Hit is incredible as it lets the user record their own voice as an instrument, which is really impressive. Different recordings can be made and then saved which allows the user to create layers of different sounds and turn it into their own musical masterpiece. There is also a microphone mode for those looking to show off their range of skills!

“This is a useful tool for professionals and music enthusiasts alike, now anyone can not only capture and hear the idea they had in their head, but also in the instrument they imagined, allowing for a truer representation of their ideas” said Owais Kazmi, founder of New Wave Applications in London. ”


# Converts your voice into realistic instruments
# Instruments include: 2 guitars, bass, 2 synths, piano and a mic mode
# Built-in recorder allows you to record your musical ideas
# Built in Multitrack Sequencer allows to to record elaborate ideas one track at a time
# Note playback allows users to view created parts on a keyboard in realtime
# Concepts can be saved and exported to other compatible programs as well as e-mailed from within the app.
# Compatible with headphone and microphone accessories, including the iRig Mic for high quality recording.
# Tempo control, allowing users to speed up or slow down the BPM

For a limited time only, early adopters will be able to download the app for just £0.99, as opposed to the standard price of £2.99, and the funds raised by the downloads will be directly used to drive the development process.



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