Why limit your app sales to just one market????

The localization of your iOS application is a great way to widen your customer base and greatly increase the number of downloads of your app. By supporting. Mobile app localization is no longer just a nice-to-have. Mobile app stores are global, so your app should be too.

While your app might be globally available, it might not be global-ready. Today, having a localized app is a must. This is true for iOS app localization

Why App Localization play important role to drive more traffic. ?

Here are several reasons why app localization is important for your app.

  • Worldwide Apps Users: – There is nearly 7 billion mobile subscriptions worldwide, accounting for 95.5% of the world population.
  • Countries Account: – Just 14 countries account for more than 61% of the global mobile subscriptions. China is #1, followed by India, the United States, Indonesia, Brazil, Russia, Japan, Vietnam, Pakistan, Nigeria, Germany, the Philippines, Bangladesh, and Mexico.


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Which type results you can see from app localization ?

  • A chance to reach globally users :- A study, “The Impact of App Translations” from Distomo showed that localizing iPhone application text resulted in significantly more downloads – 128% more per country, in fact
  • You understand more hits improve good revenue: – Not only that, but companies saw a 26% increase in revenue for each Country added via App Localization. What’s more, these results were achieved within just one week of offering a localized app.
  • iOS app localization play important role in globally downloads: – The “app localization effect” on app downloads is striking. App developer David Janner ran an experiment with app translation. He found that 76% of the total app traffic came from English-speaking countries prior to app localization. And after? English-speaking users made up only 10% of the total, while the total volume leaped from 3,000 downloads per month prior to app localization to 23,000 downloads per month post-localization – or 767% more downloads.



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