When we talk about App Store Optimization of your keywords, there are some misconceptions as to what is Really important.Many app publishers prioritize the wrong things when it comes to choosing keywords, so let’s go over the hierarchy of keyword selection criteria.

There are several aspects of ASO, including optimizing screenshots, optimizing your app icon and filtering Negative reviews. But this post will concentrate only on the keyword selection process because it is the most Measurable. Some apps have seen as much as a 300% increase in their downloads just from keyword Optimization, so this process can have a huge impact on the number of times that your app is downloaded.

Select App Relevant Keywords To Increase Genuine Download’s

App Store Optimization magic with keywords so before keywords selections most important thing to Remember when selecting keywords is to select those keywords are relevant to your app.

Relevance is the key factor to consider when choosing the right keywords for ASO. Remember, the more Specific you are, the better. For instance, if you are a kids app developer that design Kids Game which Keyword best for your app

“Kids Game” vs. “ Action Game”

Obviously if someone is searching for “Action Game,” his or her brain is in research mode. If they see your app on App Store with this keywords but you can’t get genuine download no doubt that this keyword will attract a Much more generic audience that may not be looking for what you have to offer. Go for the relevant, long-tail keywords instead.

How to choose successful keywords?


Next, you can use a keyword suggestion tool that is similar to the Google Keyword Planner Tool, but for App Store search. Based on the keywords that you currently have in your list, the suggestion tool will provide Some good keyword candidates.

Other resources include standard sites like: Wordpot, Thesaurus and Wordstream. Scanning the tweets that come up in an app related hashtag search can also yield some excellent keyword ideas.

This information will help you Find best keywords for your app optimize to increase organic search traffic,


Hire someone app marketing professional to increase your app store ranking



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