iTunes Connect only lets you add a new localization when your app is in the Editable state. This happens when you upload a new version of your app to the App Store for review.

Why limit your app sales to just one market? Mobile app localization is no longer just a nice-to-have. Mobile app stores are global, so your app should be too. The next person to download your app could be located anywhere. While your app might be globally available, it might not be global-ready. Today, having a localized app is a must. This is true for both iOS app localization and Android app localization.

Here some ways help to understand about how to add localization in iTunes Connect, Step by Step

  1. Please login into iTunes Connect.
  2. Click on My Apps button left side top on iTunes Connect home screen.
  3. Select your app, and then choose Version Summary from the Additional Information section at the bottom of the Versions pane:


4. Select a new language from the Not Localized section of the language drop-down menu on the right:


5. Type or paste in the localized metadata for the language you are adding.


App Name

You can localize this if you think your international audience will better understand it, but it is completely optional as per your requirement.


This is the most important one. Paste in the translated version of your app description please do not use Google or other translator tools hire Professional team for this task .

What’s New

If this is your first localized what’s New section, don’t forget to mention that your app is now available in a new language. Your international customers will appreciate it!


These are very important for discovery, so take time to think through each one and have them translated by a professional.

Support URLs    

These are only necessary to change if you have localized versions. For most developers, leaving this in English is the best option.

Add localize version screen shoots.

The screenshots you’ve uploaded previously for your app are already prepopulated. However, you can (and should) add localized versions of the screenshots. Just drag them into the browser window.
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