Video is one of the best tools to explain your target consumers about all the features of an app. Once an app is discovered through a video,

Many app developers, especially indie developers, are wondering if it makes sense to use app trailers and or Videos as a part of their marketing strategies. This may be because designing professional videos for your app could be very expensive and many persons do not know where to go to find professional persons to make Their videos.

Here are some ways and Benefits you could you could use videos in your promotion of your app:

Create App Video :- There are three types of videos you could create, an app trailer or a walkthrough about your video or an video introducing your app

 App Video Production

Screenshots  and  communicating:-  Interactivity, animation, seamless video, and a gameplay loop that gives the shivers can’t be captured in an image.

Downloads :-  App Store Video marketing allows potential app customers to view the experience in 2 seconds versus 10 seconds. Less time equals a greater chance of alluring customers.

Good buzz  :- Apps including a video trailer will have an advantage over related apps containing only screenshots. Want proof? being the first app to use this functionality.

Mobile friendly :- How often have you ever tried to load a mobile video and waited while it loaded the high res version? App Store preview videos are mobile friendly, giving you the right video for your device. Less waiting to buffer, more consuming unique content.

Share your app video on Social sites :- After you have created your app video don’t forget to share it on Social Media sites such a Facebook and Twitter and on YouTube

Add Your Video to App Page:-  Google PlayStore, and more recently IOS App Store, allows developers to add a video of their app on their app page. Your app video could be the deciding factor in a user either downloading or not downloading an app. These videos are also clearly visible on your app page



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