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Honk – Find Car, Parking Meter Alarm and Nearby Places iPhone App : Review


Honk is an App that saves you from another parking ticket with a swipe of your finger. It also help you find your way back to the car through its unique handwritten memo, photo, voice memo and automatic GPS functions. Newly added: a single tap, it will take you to the step-by-step walking instruction to your car!
Honk also sports the widely praised “minute-by-minute” display of remaining time on the meter on its Icon badge. It even helps you locate nearby ATMs, cafes, Parking garages and, gas stations.

Simply swipe your finger across the meter to set how long you plan to park. As you quit Honk, it will mark your parking location on the map, and when the time comes to head back to your car, it will honk you. On your home screen, its icon will also display the remaining minutes. Just a quick glance, you can go back to your important conversation with a peaceful mind! It even features sync alarm/gps between your iPhone, iPad and even Macs via your cloud-shared Calendar!

Have you ever forgotten where you parked, and embarrassed yourself on the wrong floor, while your family had to follow you along one painful step after another. During winter in Boston? Overcomplicated controls in most apps make you feel like you are trying to heist a federal bank?

Use Honk’s simple note pad to scribble down your spot, in a language of your choice, using the most trusted tool you have: your index finger. It also allows you to take a snapshot of your spot and superimpose the photo on your handwritten memo. Of course, Honk has a built-in map with useful functions to guide you safely back to your parked car.

Even if it save you from a few parking tickets, it pays you back 100 times over!

# Simplest interface to set the parking meter alarm. A single swipe for most situations!
# Updates your remaining time on its App Icon. A quick glance at your home screen, your mind at peace.
# Smooth handwritten memo/photo/voice memo to mark the parking spot.
# Single tap takes you to the walking directions of Map to your car! (iOS7+ only)
# Honk marks parking location automatically when you set the meter alarm. Manually move the parking pin on the map when the GPS accuracy falls short. Shows how far the car is from your current location.
# Innovative bread-crumb trails to help quick orienting yourself as well as built-in compass.
# Different types of meter with long (up to 24 hours) and short time limits.
# Four levels of alarm sounds.
# Gorgeous background photos change according to the time of the day. Parallax effect! (for iOS7 and retina device users)

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