Homeless: Life simulator Game App For iPhone and iPad : Review

Homeless: Life simulator Game App For iPhone and iPad : Review


ATTENTION! At the beggining of October, based on the results of Homeless World Rankings iTunes and App store gift cards in the amount of 75$ will be raffled!
The first place of the World Ranking receives a gift card for 50$, the second and the third get 15$ and 10$ respectively!

#1 App in RU App Store at the moment!!

Travel around the world and make a space-flight, build your cottage and buy a luxury car!

Return bottles – achieve a success!

Manage your own Company or live your life on bank credits!
Visit the Casino and try your luck to earn extra money!
Choose what to play: roulette or thimbles!
Lead the score or long-life ranking!
One move or action takes one day. Every day your mood, hp and satiety decreases.
If the level of vital signs falls to zero, you’ll have 7 days to raise it, otherwise you will die.
CAUTION: There are events in the game, that can influence your character’s health & wealth.

Over 150 different actions!
Over 50 different events and items!
New gifts and bonuses every day!
Opportunity to continue the game even if your hero is dead, without point or day loss!
World scores and lifetime rankings!

# new actions!
# new items and events!
# new casino games!
# new inventory and market to trade with your friends!
# new skins and sounds!
# network game support!

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