Hemp Blocks Is A Simple And Addictive Puzzle Game By Maxx Snow.

Hemp Blocks Is A Simple And Addictive Puzzle Game By Maxx Snow.


Hemp Blocks
Do you love to play mind games? If yes, Download the new-age mind puzzle game Hemp Blocks from Apps store and spend quality time with your iOS device.
How to play the game:

This is a puzzle block game with simple game plan: you goal is to unblock the white blocks out of the board by swiping/removing other blocks from its way to exit. In this swipe course you can slide other blocks in horizontal and vertical ways.

Although simple to play, this block puzzle game is imbedded with amazing dynamics. Mastering the gameplay is challenging enough and that simply makes the game ultra-addictive. The rules you have to adhere to are:

# You will get to move vertical blocks up and down
# You can move horizontal blocks left and right.
# You have to unblock the white Mari-J boards by minimal moves.

Before you download Hemp Blocks, the mind game for giving your brain a grand exercising boost, take a look at its comprehensive features:

# User friendly interface,
# 4 mind blowing game level pack ranging from easy to extreme: select game level at your discretion,
# Total 80 puzzles are integrated to Hemp Blocks gameplay that will keep you engrossed for long,
# You can enjoy the entire game play at your fingertips simply by tapping on screen: tap to start and tap to select to move ahead in the board puzzle game.

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