HANDY SOCCER – A Football Game App For iPhone and iPad :...

HANDY SOCCER – A Football Game App For iPhone and iPad : Review


Handy Soccer is a football game like no other of its kind.
You control the soccer pitch by changing its tilt and in response the pitch moves the ball according to Gravity.
During the game you aim at earning SHOW POINTS rather than scoring goals.
You can earn SHOW POINTS for spectacular rallies with the ball followed by a shot on goal, provided You haven’t been stopped by other players or crossed the pitch edges.
The winning team’s SHOW POINTS are exchanged for the player’s points.
In case of a draw, the player does not receive any SHOW POINTS collected during the match.
After reaching the required amount of SHOW POINTS, each of the teams is awarded with STARS which Multiply the acquired SHOW POINTS.
To change the currently attacking team, you need to score a goal or place the ball in one of the holes on The pitch so the ball switches to the other half of the pitch.
It’s up to you which team you want to play and which one is going to score SHOW POINTS, STARS and Reach out for the CHAMPIONSHIP.
For practicing purposes it’s a good idea to start the game with a single match – FRIENDLY.
After a warm-up session you should check out the CHAMPIONSHIP mode in which you can complete 8 Championship rounds and get a chance at scoring the highest amount of SHOW POINTS.
The game is simple, but can anyone beat our High Score – 10,000 points?

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