Hamara Dost is the best place to grab daily feeds

Hamara Dost is the best place to grab daily feeds


Hamara Dost is providing the best of messaging platform for getting the interest of your choice. This app is something a unique messaging app. The platform is providing the best information based on the going trend. This will give you the useful information too. Let’s see some of the interesting features of this app.

Hamara Dost Features:

  • Select your category: User can easily select the category of his or her choice like traveling, culture and society, food, cooking, books and many more.
  • Chat feature: The chat system is something unique because the message gets delete automatically. The user can select the timer and that will be 3 sec, 30 sec, 9 min or 12 hours for the deletion of the message.
  • Official Account: With this feature, companies can create their own account. From this, companies can mass-send messages to users.
  • Sky Eye: With the help of this feature, you can easily stop strangers to locate you and additionally find people near you.
  • Change password: This option enables the user to change the password.
  • Notification: Get notified with the notification option.
  • FAQ: From this option, you can easily check and know more about the platform.

What is the merit of using this app?

The main benefit of Hamara Dost app is all about getting the best of knowledge regarding the latest trend. You can easily get the news also. Additionally, you can easily share the particular post with your friends too. You will get feeds related to your categories only. The feeds will be with eye-catchy images also. The other highlighting thing about this app is that you don’t need to worry about going the content being un-authorized or viral.

Hamara Dost is something really interesting and I would like to 100% RECOMMEND it. Rest of the experience you can take after downloading this app.

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