Grab It – The Game Discovery App s01e01 – République iPhone App...

Grab It – The Game Discovery App s01e01 – République iPhone App : Review


Are you sick of scrolling through hundreds of apps wasting time and money on dud games? With Grab It, that will never happen again.

So What’s in Episode 1 of Season 1?

— Our highlighted game is République, a stunningly realized, console-like stealth game that unfolds in a 3D dystopian society. We have the full, exclusive Making Of.

— We’ve featured a number of amazing games, including;
# République
# Boson X
# Trouserheart
# Type:Rider
# Device 6
# Formula Legend
# Ridiculous Fishing – A Tale of Redemption
# Mega Dead Pixel
# Lowboat
# Galaxy on Fire – Alliances
# And the Top 10 Dual-Stick Shooters on iPad

In addition, we have insights into the game making process via interviews with Camouflaj, BeerMogul Games, DiceWork Games and Simogo.

We also talk with David Helgason, CEO of Unity Technologies, the company powering the indie revolution.

No Ads. No IAPs – Just great gaming content. Make the most of your iOS gaming experience!

We deliver hours upon hours of entertainment as you explore the very best games on the App Store. Whether you’re into horror games or funny games, racing games or adventure games, FPSs or RPGs, games for guys or games for girls, we guarantee you’ll discover something great you never knew existed in Grab It.

Features Reviews Interviews Opinions Videos Soundtracks – no streaming and integrated directly with the App Store.

Grab It - The Game Discovery App s01e01
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