Goo Saga Platform Adventure Game For iOS App Lover

Goo Saga Platform Adventure Game For iOS App Lover


Goo Saga is a platform adventure game where the player guides an elastic creature named Goo in a perilous journey to find his creator – and with him, the mysterious purpose of his own creation.

Will Goo succeed? Puzzles, deadly traps and an army of foes in a labyrinthine underwater lab block his way. Goo’s destiny is in the player’s hands.


# 3 different states of Goo’s elasticity controlled by the player: Deflated, Normal, and Inflated.
# 20 levels, each to be completed in 3 different modes: Normal, Survival, and Time Trial, plus 4 epic boss battles; each mode requires a different gameplay strategy.
# Captivating atmosphere with HD graphics and gameplay.
# 18 atmospheric soundtracks.
# Sophisticated level design with meticulously planned alterations between puzzle solving and platform based gaming sections.
# 12 types of robot enemies.
# Crystals collected through successful completion of the levels and used to enhance Goo’s abilities.
# 8 upgradable character abilities that help Goo in his adventure.
# Colourful blobs which are found and collected by the player to complete the Normal mode of each level.
# Enticing storyline delivered through in-game cut scenes.
# 2 different endings.
# Powerful level editor to create your own levels.
# Online server where you can upload your levels or download, play and rate other players’ levels.

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