Go Nuts Blast An Addictive & Adventure iOS Game.

Go Nuts Blast An Addictive & Adventure iOS Game.


We’re under attack! Help Sgt. Crackem and General MacNut hold off the onslaught of endless falling nuts as long as you can.

Swipe and match your way through the pile and help them collect as much nuts as you can. Awesome physics keeps things unpredictable and 4 power up weapons add fun to the action.

Connect with Game Center. Each mode has it’s own Leaderboard and there are many achievements to unlock.

There are 3 Game Modes and there will be more in future!

SOLDIER MODE: Start at the rank of “Private E-1” work your way up the soldier and officer ranks to General! This mode starts off easy but adds more nut and picks up the speed as you climb through the ranks.

OFFICER MODE: Same game play as Soldier Mode but starts with the nuts and difficulty of a true “Second Lieutenant”. Fast past start with more nut types on the board. You’ll definitely want to use your power up weapons to make it to the rank of General.

Blitz Mode: Make sure you know how to use you power weapons as it’s a must in this game mode. Starts with only 3 nut types on the board but the speed is insane! Easy to make your matches and collect your power ups but hard to stay composed.

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