Get Your Dream Buyer With Serve An Offer.

Get Your Dream Buyer With Serve An Offer.

Need a good deal? Waiting for your dream seller? Have tried enough and tired also now? An easy to use Price Comparison App bringing the right platform for your deals. Enlisted with many categories, ranging from fashion to electronics, this one of the many available Shopping apps that is portable, free to use and satisfying at the same time.

Serve An Offer’s features

  • Not charging a penny: With Serve, An Offer available as a free app selling and buying is made easy. Simple stuff can be now done from anywhere with the power in portable mobile phones!
  • Easy to use: With the easy to create request steps, you can post your Request on the app. This one brings the collaborative platform to post your selling request, take a look at the potential buyers and even to get your product described in the best 50 characters with enhanced keywords adding a section as well!
  • Segregated Sections make it Easy: With sections like profile, rating the co-business accounts, special categories button helpful in finding categories that could be brought at the best and the most suitable price for you.
  • Experience, rate and Spread the news: Share the app with your friends and bring them along. Rate the sellers making your views as a helpful hand for many!

Last words:  Easy to get across the app makes sure that no fake account is supported on this buy and sell apps. The check is kept using the OTP login system while making sure your posts and the business related information is safe.


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