Get the FREE ultimate real Yoga class experience with Yoga Plus

Get the FREE ultimate real Yoga class experience with Yoga Plus


Get the FREE ultimate real Yoga class experience – enjoy ready-made professional training anytime, anywhere. Leave those unfulfilling Yoga breaks behind and treat yourself to a better experience with Yoga Plus. Our free Yoga guide is also great as a complementary addition for your exercise in class. It becomes a perfect solution, in case you’re having difficulties to schedule a class or simply want to practice Yoga at your own pace.

Here’s what makes Yoga Plus the best app in the field:

* Classes, aimed at your most-popular needs: weight loose, spine or neck pains, energy refill, meditation, relax for better sleep, etc.

* Watch more than 600 asanas and enjoy a full HD video performance.

* Adjust the angle of view as you watch the tutorial.

* Create your own exercise – Our Practice Builder is at your service, prompting the best sequence!

* Explore our Library for information, insights and professional guidance. Knowledge is everything!

* Enjoy trustful content provided by qualified instructors,
supervised by recognized world class Yoga experts.

* Exclusive music will make your yoga even more sophisticated.

* Share your progress via social networks, messengers or e-mail, add your photos, motivate your friends and get additional perspective from other yogis

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