There are thousands of ninja lovers and for them daily new concept games are developed.  Recently realtech VR published one app name as Saboteur II on App Store for iOS platform. The game is all about Nina (a sister of ninja) who enters into the compound to change the course of a nuclear ballistic missile. The compound is highly secret and full of security. There are many enemies at every doorstep and she needs to fight with them to complete the mission.

The story of the game is all about a private telecom company who harbouring a secret missile silo and suggest an imminent launch for the same. Despite the mysterious loss of the ninja recruited for the warehouse mission some essential information was retrieved.

The center is on the top of the mountain and there is the only underground tunnel to escape from that. So, one need to take full control of Nina. In this game, a missile silo is on the top right but the central top area is still being developed. The game is featuring all new 8 bit graphics. With extended and enhanced ninja game, the avenging angel is back.

realtech VR first created this original Saboteur! in the year 1985 for the early 8-bit computers and it was published by Durell Software. Crash magazine rated it at 93% also gave award name as The Crash smash. After its success, there was continuous of the story in a Sequel. After the loss of ninja, the mission is to continue by his sister Nina.


Features of the game:

  • Touch screen control
  • MFI game controller
  • iCloud save game.
  • Game Center support with achievements and leaderboards.
  • Option to check world scores & high score
  • Its extended original 1987 game
  • ZX spectrum & Commodore 64 modes
  • There is original music by Sean Fountain
  • Six Remixes of original rob Hubbard theme tune
  • Extended map for exploring the area
  • An Extended plot to know more about saboteur story
  • Different challenging levels

The game is specially made for Ninja lovers and those who love to take challenges. The control can be big, small, left or right. Developers also add somewhat little bit challenge in the game. Fighting with the enemies is not A Piece of Cake so the player needs to be active and attentive. The harder levels will be a lock until player unlocks the previous level.

The app is available for iOS 10.0 or later, (iPhone and iPad) and Apple TV



Saboteur II is challenging & hard ninja game which involve fighting. It’s made with the focusing on Ninja lovers. Help Nina in completing the mission and take revenge. Now it’s in your hand to help Nina the deceased hero of an original saboteur. Pick your fight carefully.

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“.. Happy to say Saboteur II becomes much clearer and better without any real alterations to the game core.”

Old Machinery


“Saboteur! is a good game. An old game, but a good game. If you manage to disregard the seniority and dive into the game, I guarantee you good times”


“A platformer with a hint of stealth and tons of drama, Saboteur was an 8-bit classic.”

Den Of Geek


“I is really challenging and the difficulty level is just right. Load it and become the Avenging Angel!”

CPC Gamer Reviews


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