Get perfect blur effects with Our Focus Filter Editor

Get perfect blur effects with Our Focus Filter Editor

Adding the blur effect in the image is my hobby. I always seeking those apps which are providing best blur effects and luckily I got one app named Out Focus Filter Editor. I love using this app due to its simplicity and accessibility. There is nothing like rocket science in this app. Only you need to use it like another normal app.

Features which I like most

  • Easy to use just one touch
  • Great dynamic effects
  • No hassle of the eraser tool
  • Maximize or minimize the blur effect
  • Fast responding
  • Free to use

How to use this app?

To use this app, just simply download and install as usual. When you will open it, you need to choose the picture and upload the same. There will be blur options given below to Blur A, Blur B, Blur C, Glitter, Motion etc. After adding the blur effect simply saves the image.

It’s a simple photo editor tool which can be fruitful when you want to experience the best blur effect in an easy way. If you want to make your image into eye-catching one then simply tap and add blur with Out focus filter editor.

Where is this app useful?

The app is useful when you want to add light effect to a night view. If you want to show only the person included in the picture i.e. mosaic. When you feel it’s hard to use another background blur app then also this app is useful.




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