GeoCannon – Travel Anywhere An Awesome Game For iOS Users Its FREE...

GeoCannon – Travel Anywhere An Awesome Game For iOS Users Its FREE : Review


Pick any location on Earth and battle it out with other players on a real 3D map to claim that area as your own With given shots and crates. Use MAGNET and BLACK HOLE to make large groups from level crates, than BOMB and destroy them for a big combo bonuses. If you beat 3D location level’s highscore (default or by owner), you become the CITY OWNER. The same you can attack already owned cities and with new highscore record, you rule the mayorship! Facebook login is required to play free global online game, otherwise enjoy trial offline play as unlogged

“The technology is just mind-blowing. Being able to visit any city in the world alone is just stunning already, but add a gaming layer to that and the concept gets slightly better.”

“There’s no denying that visiting cities all around the world and earning points is entertaining. Collecting crates and bombing them also has a soothing effect too, almost a stress reliever”

“This game will drive you crazy and is so addictive that once you are on your mission to own a city, you cannot help playing until you finally capture that city. GeoCannon is full of twists and turns and makes you feel like a conqueror that is out there to fight and take control of any city of the world you want”

Key Features: –
# DYNAMIC LOGIC – by location, terrain, elevation, city name
# ORIGINAL LEVELS – 3D of any chosen worldwide location
# GEOPOWER – invented for passive geo travelling
# PHYSICS – top quality physics destruction engine
# PIN CONTROLS – fast controls with one finger only
# 18 POWER CARDS – with 3 upgradable weapons & power ups
# PILONS & UFOS – living game objects around the planet
# FARM ATTACKS – every city owner farm EXP from attackers
# DYNAMIC MUSIC – 9 tracks based by location and altitude

Tip: Start easy with free Cities close to your location where you have strong blue GEOPOWER radius

Technology challenge: Unity3D, Apple Maps, Google static Maps and Elevation, Facebook, AWS

Enjoy the endless augmented geospatial gaming experience with planet Earth just in your pocket

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