Funny Fishing Game App For iPhone and iPad : Review

Funny Fishing Game App For iPhone and iPad : Review


Funny Fishing is a relaxing yet entertertaining game.
You will need health and force to catch as many fishes as you can and win the objectives.
Your main tool will be the fish rod and the length of the fish reel can be increased in the shop.
The journey is as real as possible:
# If you stay too long in one place, you will get struck by lightning
# If the reel cable is too short, you can’t catch the fishes at the deeper level
# If you don’t have enough force, you can’t catch the bigger fish.
For more action, some sea creatures may attack your boat! You can purchase weapons from the shop to kill them in wide range, from ice bombs to toxin weapons.
There are 30 levels to explore and yes, we have a fish catalog.
So sail around, reel them in, blast them, stay alive, make bucks and have fun!

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