Food Thumb Premium Help Improving Health And Managing Diets.

Food Thumb Premium Help Improving Health And Managing Diets.


Are you food intolerant or an allergy sufferer? Do you spend hours in the supermarket squinting at food labels? Are you constantly telling your friends, family, work colleagues, what foods you can and can’t eat? Are you a parent with an entire family of food allergy sufferers?

Food Thumb is here to help – it’s the app that is changing lives, improving health and managing diets.

Food Thumb simply scans food and drink labels and returns a thumbs up (‘take it’!) or thumbs down (‘leave it’).

If you suffer from food intolerances, food allergies, heart disease, diabetes or you are on a strict diet plan then Food Thumb can take the worry out of buying products saving you time and money.

# Instant Facebook log-in or easy sign-up
# Create up to 3 profiles – great for families
# Add unlimited ingredients
# Scan multiple labels
# Scan history page
# Share profile with other Food Thumb users
# Easy tap between profiles for ease of scanning
# 300,000 ingredients
# 95% accuracy

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