Follow People, Share Ideas & Earn virtual money with Unhu App

Follow People, Share Ideas & Earn virtual money with Unhu App

Unhu is the best Indian Social platform to make it possible for sharing of ideas & creativity online through posts. It is also the simplest way to earn money for the quality & popularity of your post, right from the moment it was posted.

Unhu is a social platform where ideas are discussed by leaders of tomorrow.
We help connect people to exchange their creativity & ideas and help identify their goals and stay connected with each other.

Unhu is a platform to make your social news viral with easy steps.

There is no effective way to impact young minds to identify their goals & stay connected with them. Unhu brings in the perfect recipe to make it possible. All users need to do is post content to share latest trending stories.

“Social Networks represent the digital reflection of what humans do: we connect and share”

Today’s solutions do not have the influence that the other social giants do. Either they distract you or focus too much on learning, which doesn’t entice millennials and post millennials too much; and provide no monetary value at the start.

Unlike other platforms where people talk about other people and stay distracted from their goals; this is a platform where the average 6hrs of social media time that a millennial wastes, is utilised in a fruitful manner, where young minds socialise, discuss and share ideas and creativity.

Users are influenced by people, called Gurus, who have expertise and skills over their specific fields. These Gurus get a special badge for their expertise and earn our virtual currency, called Klaps for every like, comment or any interaction they get on their posts. They can redeem this currency into INR anytime.

Social Media plays a very influential part in everyone’s life and it’s high time that there must be an Indian Social Networking Platform, which acts as a good mix of the progressive ideas of the west and our Indian culture, to maintain our unique identity in the world.

Post video & content that gain the attention of users to increase your followers. Discover people and make contacts.

We, at Unhu social media app, have one thing to say to you, “Don’t learn your passion. Live it”.

• Follow friends and Gurus (experts)
• Check your number of followers, following and connection
• Post & share content (videos/blogs/pictures/statuses) in your own way
• User-friendly post sharing
• Get your posts recognized by Gurus to earn a badge
• Feedback option for conveying user’s point of view
• Partner with Unhu to grow your business
• Apply for Guru Badge to get all your posts to earn Klaps (our virtual currency)
• Redeem Klaps and earn money for your talent (1 Klaps = 1 Rupee INR)


We want the world to encourage & respect genuine creativity and sharing ideas by young minds. This is one of the easiest and convenient earning apps.

Download this social networking app to post your ideas, latest trending topics. It’s one of the best sharing apps for connecting people.

 How to use Unhu?

At the initial stage, there is a need for signup and making of account in case if you are using the app for the first time. After that, Choose your preference like lifestyle, Music, business etc. After signup, one needs to log in and then simply post updates on the page. Comment, like or share the other posts also. Discover and follow other people too. Tag your friends and discuss on similar interests. Build your network.
If you have a specific skill, apply for Guru and get a badge for that skill. By tagging any of your posts related to your badge, will help you earn virtual money right from the first like you get.


Availability: The app is available on Google Play for Android platform only.  Click here to install-




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