FlyCraft Herbie: Crazy Machines iPhone App : Review

FlyCraft Herbie: Crazy Machines iPhone App : Review


Welcome to another adventure of our hero from Flycraft, Herbie. Help little Herbie fly his crazy flying machines through the forest without running into the bamboo trees and crashing.

Herbie is the coolest male ladybug in the forest, and flies on turbine and rocket powered vehicles, collecting coins, gems and more gas to keep flying. This skill based game will keep the player engaged with its numerous vehicles and endless gameplay.

Also fly with Mollie, Herbie’s girlfriend and pick up even more bonuses!

This simple game will challenge your reflexes, response speed and your flying technique!

# Featuring the hero from the award winning game FlyCraft
# Share your scores on Facebook, Twitter, etc
# Sweet graphics
# Collect red life gems, and Drachma coins
# Unlock various crazy flying contraptions

FlyCraft Herbie logog
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